Guidelines for COVID-19

In our parishes we continue to offer a section of pews that are socially distanced and facemasks are required to be worn by those who sit there. The remainder of the pews have no restrictions but ALL in attendance are ENCOURAGED to wear a mask for the duration of the Mass.

November 24, 2021--Bishop reiterates suspension of obligation to attend Mass

Read entire letter from Bishop Zinkula here. Summary follows below.

In this letter from Bishop Zinkula, he restates the rationale for not requiring the faithful to attend Mass on weekends and why he is not lifting the suspension at this time. So, the faithful in the Diocese of Davenport are encouraged but not required (under penalty of sin) to attend weekend Masses.

October 27, 2021--Updated Diocesan & Parish Policy

Read entire letter from Bishop Zinkula here. Summary follows below.

In this update, the diocese is now allowing congregational singing of the Mass parts, if masked and singing in a normal volume. Most other protocols remain in place.

August 11, 2021--Updated Diocesan & Parish Policy

Read entire letter from Bishop Zinkula here. Summary follows below.

  1. We urge that masks be worn by everyone (over the age of 2)
  2. Parishes should return to social distancing measures.
  3. Congregational singing is temporarily suspended.

Both St. James and St. John the Baptist churches have a section of the pews clearly marked with signs to create an area for those who desire to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you sit in this area you are required to wear a mask. If you choose not to wear a mask then please do not sit in this area out of respect and charity for those who need this area. Please pay attention to where you are sitting and follow the direction on the signs.

Fr. Dan


July 30, 2021--Updated Diocesan Policy

Read entire letter here. Summary follows below.

CDC Guidelines
In response to the continued spread of the Delta variant, the CDC updated its guidance regarding masking on July 27, 2021:
The CDC recommendation is that fully vaccinated people wear a mask in public indoor settings in counties where there is substantial or high transmission, as defined by the CDC.
The CDC also recommends that unvaccinated people get vaccinated as soon as possible, barring medical reasons.

Diocese of Davenport Protocols
Based on these new CDC guidelines, the Diocese of Davenport has updated its policies and protocols. In any county experiencing SUBSTANTIAL or HIGH rates of transmission (Lee County is HIGH), masks are strongly recommended for all individuals – vaccinated and unvaccinated – taking part in any indoor parish, school or chancery event. This includes but is not limited to liturgies, faith formation sessions, and social activities.

In an activity where all participants are KNOWN to be vaccinated, masking is optional.

The diocese continues to urge people to get vaccinated. The dispensation from participating in Mass continues to be in effect until a date to be determined.

All other protocols remain in place.

Most Rev. Thomas R. Zinkula



May 22, 2021

      The Diocese of Davenport issued new COVID-19 protocols on May 14th effective this weekend, May 22-23. The entire document can be found by clicking on the link below but here is a summary as it pertains to our celebrations of Mass and our implementation.

¨ Masks and distancing are no longer required by anyone who has been vaccinated but are still required by those who are not.

¨ Missalettes and hymnals may be used.

¨ Our holy water stations will remain dry for the time being, because we only have standing water stations.

¨ Music and singing by all is now allowed.

¨ Processions are allowed.

¨ Multiple readers and servers are allowed.

¨ Collections may be taken using baskets with long handles.

¨ The offertory may be brought up.

¨ The sign of peace can be offered with a bow preferred.

¨ Communion is only under the form of the Host.

¨ Communion may be received on the tongue (please present yourself at the end of the line).

To create a welcoming environment for as many as possible and to encourage all to return to Mass, the left side of our churches will have no restrictions while the right side of the churches will be seating for those required or choosing to wear facemasks and be distanced by sitting only in even numbered pews and keeping a distance between other families in the same pew. This has worked well in other dioceses and I am confident we can all cooperate to make this work here as well. Hand sanitizer will still be available at church entrances and use by everyone is encouraged.

I will continue to wear a mask during processions, when distributing Holy Communion, and when interacting with parishioners. We are still not back to the way it was before the pandemic but we are getting closer.

Fr. Dan


For a full reading of the May 22nd Diocesan Guidelines, click HERE.

For CDC Guidance on COVID-19 topics, click HERE.